Monday, July 7, 2008

My First Blog

Hello Everyone i would just like to introduce myself my name is koboei and i am a student at ball state university.

I started my own blog because i wanted to respond to the famous neville bottled water experiment I indeed tried this experimnent and it worked quite fine for me.

Heres my secret i am sharing with you so you too can be sucessful.

What made experience better is that i bought water in bulk.

Here are my steps and a layout procedure:
1. Purchase the water from a local costco or any store that has it in bulk.
i used ice mountain because it was a 35 pack and it costed $ 5.04.

2. The next thing i did just to see the response was bought some cheap water at home depot called pickney springs, the reason i did this is to see what people would respond to. There in fact was little complaint! at first people asked did it have minerals in it. I said no but they still purchased it.

3. The ice situation can be alleviated by freezing water the night b4 or using home ice.

4. Go out and stay motivated you have to go to crowded places where you wont get too much heat from the police. Go to the wrong place and terrible things happen. I got a ticket.

5. My best place was on the detroit riverfront where tons of people purchased.

The total analysis of my experment

Price of All Bottled Water:
Ice Mountain 35 Pack $5.04 (2 packs) $10.08 Unit Price 0.14 cents
Pickney Springs 24 Pack $ (2 Packs ) $ 7.76 Unit Prices 0.16 ce
Ice 1.90 (3 Bags) $ 5.70
Total Cost: $23.54

Total Profit : $118.00-23.54= $94.46
This cheaper less water ended being more expensive with less amount.

So the key is to get more water for a lower price


Colin said...

Hi, how long did it take you to sell out? Good job on the experiment!

Morgan said...

How much was your ticket? Where did you get the ticket? What did the police tell you about proper licensing?